About Us

CAPABLE people are an organisation's most important asset.

A Continuous Improvement Process requires a focused and creative community of Lean Thinking people who are capable of eliminating all forms of waste in the business. CREATING this capability is what Lean Capabilities coaches do.

Customers appreciate the value provided by Lean Capabilities.

The outstanding results and performance improvements that Lean Capabilities has delivered to its clients, has made their services and products highly sought after and VALUED by their rapidly growing client base.

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The Franchise System

Lean Capabilities success and investment in marketing, branding and system development, is rapidly making them the No. 1 service provider for developing people’s Continuous Improvement capabilities through their franchise System.

The franchise support structure is designed to support both Master and Unit Franchisees through a number of key areas including:

  • Growth of their own franchising business
  • Support personnel at a variety of levels are available worldwide
  • Peer to peer support through the network of unit franchisees
  • Knowledge and expertise, in technical aspects of Lean, sales and marketing, presentation skills, coaching etc.
  • Marketing, public relations and promotion of the Lean Capabilities brand across the globe.
  • The ongoing provision of new Lean Continuous Improvement services and products as they become available.

The uptake worldwide of Lean Thinking has primarily been within manufacturing industries. However, the market's need for Lean Capabilities services is currently being dramatically increased, by the realisation of service-based industries that Lean Continuous Improvement practices and principles also apply to them.

What we Provide

At Lean Capabilities we provide training programs, workshops, and coaching services that dramatically enhance personal and organisational performance in the areas of Lean Thinking / Continuous Improvement. We specialise in implementing our proven seminars and coaching programs to organisations and individuals, getting results, having fun, empowering people to take action on what they have learned and providing results far beyond anything ever experienced before.

Lean Capabilities is a team of totally dedicated, passionate, positive and resourceful professionals who are united in their purpose to enrich the lives of those who seek enrichment and balance, to inspire and motivate those who strive to succeed, and to enhance the vision of those who dare to dream.

So, if you are passionate about making a difference to others and are highly motivated and ambitious, then this may just be the unique and powerful opportunity you've been looking for.

I personally look forward to you joining our team.